SEO and SEM Questions and Answers – Part 3

Can I use my Facebook profile to promote my website?Yes you can use your personal Facebook profile to promote your website, the only problem is do you also wish to mix your personal life with your business one?The best way to use Facebook to promote yourself is to create one of two options; you can either start a Facebook group or have a Facebook business page. The group allows you to have fans and let others find out what you are doing; in my opinion the best option by far is creating a business page.With a business page you can add your articles, blogs and images very much like a website or personal blog. The business page can be indexed by Google as it doesn’t require a profile with password to access the information so the more articles you have the better the page becomes. You can then start a fans campaign within your own personal profile to get as many fans as possible. The more you create the more people who will see your information.

Another method to create fans is to use Facebook advertising which is where your page adverts are placed in strategic areas identified by age, interests etc… This really helps you to target your market.Are website footers really that important?There are a huge amount of websites out there with either no footers or very poor ones. A website footer is a great opportunity to introduce targeted keywords to your web page.Search engines usually read a page like this:Page title, footer and the content.So if your footer is non existent or poorly thought out, you will be missing out on a golden opportunity to let the search engines know more about your website.

The keywords used must relate to your business and be well targeted. For instance if you supply a car washing service in Birmingham then use this location within your footer and even the car washing service text.You can find good keywords from sources such as Google which is a completely free service allowing you top see the most used words that relate to your website. There are of course paid services available too like word tracker which allows you to find niche keywords that maybe your competitors aren’t using.Using a good footer on your website is just part of a well planned SEO campaign.